2 in 1, Block and Text coding style. Suitable for anyone who is interested in learning how to code.
Choose your preferred mode and feel free to switch anytime.

Dual Coding Styles

2 in 1 programming style. Choose what you want.

Block programming

– 100% no hardcoding, just drag & drop with block connection.
– Easy and Intuitive.
– Basic & Advance block coverage 99% of the code that you write.
– Various helping blocks, Images, Music, Text-to-speech.
– Have fun in exploring with your creativity.
– Speed up text-coding, all blocks are 100% convertible ready-compile C/C++

Text Programming

– Speed up coding by converting C/C++ from block.
– Line error hint, indicate and report lines with error.
– 50+ editor themes, dark/light, select your personal preference.
– Fast switch block & code mode.
– External package, add a more powerful tool.

Cross-platform installation and portable version.

Other features

Dual mode coding

Switch between Block <-> Text mode just one click. Hardcoding life saver, with convertible Block to C++ directly.

Boards Manager

Easy to switch dev board anytime. Select your right dev board or install from online in one click.

Plugins Manager

Extend the capability of the board with “Plugin”. Custom sensor Block or Library packed online download directly.

Example & Tutorial

Having trouble getting started? No problem, click our “Example & Tutorial” there is a lot of demos and tutorials to learn.

Fast Compile

Finally! This feature is optimized for those who have suffered from a slow compiling process in others IDE. With KBIDE you can gain 30-60% faster!.

New Serial Console

Communication with your board like professionals, new serial console with raw Text Mode, Customizable Graph and Controllable sending process.

Our Products

คู่มือ KB-IDE พร้อมคอร์สออนไลน์
฿ 450.00

KBX Starter Kit
฿ 1,990.00

Behind the Tech

All IDE are made with Vuejs combined with various tools, such as Vuetify, Vue Material Admin, Webpack, Electron, Blockly, CodeMirror, Kidbright-IDE and more. Basically, this IDE is 100% Open Source, you can browse sources and find more modules that we use in our GITHUB KBIDE. This is a Hackable IDE, you can integrate by using Package, add Board, Plugin and many other ways. We provide a powerful and ready documented template.

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Maker LAB @Pinn Creative Space (Rama 9) The Shoppes Grand Rama 9 (2 Floor) Bangkok, TH 10310 Tel. 02-168-1160, email : info@kbide.org